Thursday, 31 March 2016

Only a month left...

It's been three whole years but by around this time next month I'll very nearly be finished with university. It's a huge relief yet somehow terrifying as well. I honestly can't wait to go home though, I'm getting quite sick of this place. Don't get me wrong, Coventry is lovely but *cliche warning* there's no place like home lol. I miss my brother and sister a lot whilst I'm up here. Also I reeeeally wanna take some time off to just relax and sleep and play video games haha. I have been gaming quite a bit lately, perhaps more than I should do but it helps clear my head at times.

Finally picked up my 3DS again and got back into Ocarina of Time and managed to actually get past the boss where I was hopelessly stuck as a child. It wasn't very hard but it felt like a huge achievement for me as I'd been trying on and off for almost 10 years!

I forgot to take a screenshot on my 3DS but this is basically what went down.
I've also been sinking hours and hours into Cities: Skylines again which plays so well on my new laptop! I finally got the hang of not going completely bankrupt which is good. I'm pretending that I'm learning valuable management skills from playing to justify how shamefully long my playtime is.

I regret nothing.
When I haven't been playing games I've been watching people play video games lol. It may sound like some kind of addiction but really it's mainly because I don't watch tv plus I live alone so I like having let's plays as background noise as well as it being my main form of entertainment. It also helps me get to sleep whenever meditation music doesn't work. I've been on a Cryaotic binge lately, he's become one of my favourite YouTubers in a really short time even though I'll possibly never know much about him. I'm hoping to start my own let's play series at some point for fun. Even if no-one watches lol. If people do I'd hope they'd get the same happiness watching me as I get from watching other YouTubers.

Anyway, this is me procrastinating so I'm gonna get back to some actual work now haha!

Love You!
Rhea <3

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

New Video: Get Ready With Me!

Here's a spontaneous video that literally nobody asked for haha! :)

Will maybe do more of these in future if anybody is interested but either way it was fun to make a video again that wasn't work-related!

I took a load of selfies that day but I'll just post these two and throw the rest on Tumblr! (:
Also, these are probably some of the best pictures I've taken of myself that I haven't had to edit lol.

Love You
Rhea <3 

Friday, 18 March 2016


Having spent my first year at university in a flat with a shared kitchen I've really come to appreciate having the time and space to cook for myself. I think I've actually gotten pretty decent at making good looking and good tasting food. Seeing as I haven't had a whole lot going on this week I thought I'd share some of my fave meals that I've made since living here.

Deep Fried Aubergine is one of my favourite things to snack on. I could probably eat an entire plateful in one sitting... actually, I probably have!

Since I can't afford to eat takeaway food often I've been trying to learn to make my favourite dishes that I would usually order in. This is my take on special fried rice.

Living alone I didn't really see much point in buying entire loaves of bread for myself so I learnt how to make it in small portions. Fresh bread is sooo good and pretty simple to make with practice.

There's only so often I can eat at KFC and the times I do I can't help but feel guilty! A much healthier option was to start frying chicken at home instead where it tastes just as good (if not better) as KFC.

This is a graveyard cake I made for a Halloween competition in my building. I was one of two people who entered... the other person was a staff member. Yeah, I won lol. The icing pumpkins were my favourite part whereas the actual cake itself drove me nearly to tears because it wouldn't cook properly so I smothered it in decorations instead. I didn't let anyone eat it in case it made them ill. I did eat most of it though, didn't get ill but my stomach can digest most things that probably should have been cooked for longer than they have been. ( >___< ;)

Another take on special fried rice but instead I used cauliflower for a rice substitute. I also made sweet and sour chicken to go with!

So from when I entered the Halloween cake competition I've been looking for ways to use up the vanilla extract and cocoa powder I bought so I've been making homemade custard and occasionally brownies/cake. A lot of the time I cook the cake in the microwave though since I'm super lazy haha!

I was reaaaaaaally craving roti one day so I made it from scratch and it was actually pretty good... also realised I can't roll things into a circle to save my life so they were all kinda oddly shaped lol. I had it here with quorn chicken and kale seasoned with curry powder and other bits~

This isn't my best example but I've been making tons of curry lately too and stuffing myself with naan bread! This was a veggie curry with chickpeas, potatoes, peppers, pea and a few other veggie good bits.

Check out these sauce skills tho *cool sunglasses face*
A mountain of rice noodles, kale and breaded chicken strips with bbq and mayo.

I bought a spiralizer about a week ago (week ago) and have been so happy to shove more veggie noodles into my live since I looooove courgette/zucchini as a pasta substitute. Here I made a spaghetti bolognaise with cougette spaghetti and quorn mince topped with mozzarella and honestly I could have eaten it forever it was so good.

I've discover lately that I absolutely love gammon. It's like giant bacon. I like to season it with honey and other spices and it comes out so amazing that I end up eating the entire joint within the space of about 24 hours. Here I cut up the last bits into slices and had it cold with spiralized cucumber topped with the sauce it cooked in.

What basically happened here was that I was waaaaaaay too lazy to make dinner one night and decided an elaborate snack plate would make up for my lack of motivation to cook anything. In the middle is homemade hummus with beetroot, sliced beetroot on the side, spiralized cucumber, cranberry wendsleydale cheese and some crackers.

Aaaaaaaand that's all for now. That's a pretty decent insight on what I like to stuff my face with day to day. Theres a whole other bunch of stuff I've been doing like smoothies, milkshakes, homemade fries, etc so if anyone cares about that kinda stuff I'd be happy to make more posts like this! All of these are actually really simple to make so if you want to know how I made them let me know.

Love You!
Rhea <3