Sunday, 6 March 2016

New circle lenses (sort of)!

I haven't worn circle lenses in ages so I was super excited when the Princess Mimi Apple Green lenses I got for 50% off had arrived. 

I let them soak overnight and  the next day decided to try them out, only to realise that one felt really uncomfortable. I took it out to doubke check it was clean and that I hadn't put it on inside out. Taking a closer look there was what I thought to be dirt on the lense but then when it wouldnt rub away I realised it was actually a really small hole! 
I was so upset because I'd been looking forward to them for so long. I went back to the Candy Lens site to inform them of the defective lens and they replied within hours! I've been asked to take a picture of the dodgy lens and hopefully that'll result in me being shipped a replacement!

I did take some photos of the non-dodgy lens though haha!

Update 08/03/2016: The replacement lens is on its way! ^_^

Love You!
Rhea <3

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