Saturday, 27 February 2016

My New (Meraphorical) Baby

So as I'm in my final year at university I have to do a *deep echoing voice* FINAL MAJOR PROJECT. Me being me decided "hey let me do a weird animated documentary thingy rather than anything normal" I then realised that the program that I need for this to become a thing outside of my brain isn't available for mac so introducing... 

Matte Black Dell Inspiron 15

& it's touchscreen!

The photos don't really do it justice but its so pretty! Super powerful too so I can play ALL THE PC GAMES EVER! One step closer to my *small* dream of being a YouTube Gamer. I don't know what my big dream is yet...

Also I had a good food day that they because I made a new curry with homemade chips that was super yummy as well as some homemade vanilla custard to have with the cake my stepmum made. Dad brought it along with the laptop and I wish there was more since I've already finished it! Well tbh I wish she'd have given me an entire cake since they're so good.

Chicken curry with regular and sweet potato fries~

Step-mum's cake with my homemade custard. :3

I've also been trying to get my butt back into looking like a glamorous potato on a more regular basis. 

much glam.

I used the finishing spray I bought here, lasted really long so I'm very happy I bought it!

Planning to do another kogal look soon because of the very lovely person who made me my first gyaru valentine! 
...hold on let me go find it..

HERE! I was so surprised and flattered to receive a valentine from someone else since I love making them too!
Also looking forward to doing this style again because I genuinely love kogal too, plus I  found a eBay store that sells the skirts I like... really I'll take any excuse. I don't go out much these days anyway so it'll give me something fun to do!

Now... I'm off to play with my new laptop some more haha~

Love You!
Rhea <3

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