Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fresh Start!

If you follow me you might have noticed I've completely cleared my blog. So yes, all of my old posts have been deleted. 


I keep trying to restart blogging but I feel like the way I used to blog doesn't quite 'fit' who I am now, I mean, I started the blog back in April 2012.

So I thought what better thing to do than simply start over. I'm doing the same with my tumblr too so feel free to hop on over and follow me there too. The only posts I left on my tumblr blog were selfies, I plan on making that blog a lot more personal rather the 'land of a thousand reblogs' that it had descended into.

So what to expect here?

Not entirely sure at the moment. I'm still super interested in make-up and gaming, I'm even thinking of starting my own let's play channel at some point. I've gotten pretty into cooking lately as well. So I guess whatever floats through my brain may end up here. It'll sort itself out.

I'm trying to distance myself from social media slightly too as it's a bit of a headache nowadays. So hopefully that'll make me pay more attention to my blog than I did in the past since honestly I do love blogging despite how infrequently I tend to do so.

Okay I'm rambling now, I'm gonna go and start on my next post.

Love You!
Rhea <3

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