Friday, 4 March 2016

Freedom Makeup - Now Lipstick Collection

I've very briefly spoken about Freedom Makeup as a brand in my post about their Far Away Lipstick Collection found here.
As my favourite red lipstick is on it's way out I thought what better way to try and be trendy than to try out their Now Collection?
I have to say though I was rather disappointed with the fact the darker shades on the box aren't nearly as dark as they appear in person. I was hoping that if the two in this collection were dark enough I could skip on trying their Vamp Collection. At only £5 for the entire collection there's really no live lost over this fact since I have more shades to play with in the long run with this particular set being very varied.

Left to right: You Had Me At Hello, True Power, Juicy Lips, Adorn, Game On. 

Top to bottom: You Had Me At Hello, Game On, Adorn, Juicy Lips, True Power.
For this collection I'm planning to do an ongoing review featuring looks I use these in so I can form a more experienced opinion on the quality of the set. On first impressions though the colours seem to come through quite strongly without many layers. I tend to have issues with getting colour onto my lips evenly so I expect I'll need to exfoliate beforehand and possibly use a primer if thats a thing for lips.

Lip swatches:

Game On
That's all I have to say for now, look out for updates in future.

Love You!
RheĆ” <3

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